Stefan Tiefengraber



01V96 relased on vinyl and digital on bandcamp





2020 - audio-video noise performance


01V96 is an audiovisual sound art performance by the artist Stefan Tiefengraber. In this no-input project, the artist uses, as in his performance AG-MX70 DDX3216, an experimental approach to form the inherent noise of the devices into structures and to deconstruct them again and thereby pushes the device far beyond its usual functional range.

A digital audio mixer, formerly widely used but now replaced due to new technical developments, becomes a closed loop in which the inherent noise in feedback loops is used as a starting point – the outputs of the mixer are reconnected to the inputs of the same. Through internal digital signal processing, these signals are made to oscillate and overdrive, creating rhythmic figures that remind of a beat and flickering images.

The function of the device, which is precisely defined and formulated in application examples in the operating manual, is expanded by the non-pre-determined use of the device. This creates new and unexpected results, generated by experimenting with different connections of the inputs and outputs on the mixer and the different settings on the device.

This project is constantly evolving, new connections and settings combined with an experimental approach through "trial and error" allow new sounds to emerge. So far, the artist has created five pieces using this method, which will be presented in a performance of about 40 minutes.

Since this mixer has the possibility to be controlled via MIDI signals, a microcontroller is used to automatically set the values of the integrated equalizer at certain points of the performance. This helps the performer to send specific values to the mixer between improvisation and pre-saved scenes. The visual component of the performance is a direct translation of the analog audio signal into an analog video signal, which results in fast changing horizontal white bars depending on volume and frequency.

A broad spectrum of frequencies, combined with the flickering video image, is distributed into the performance space, with a strong affect on the bodies of the audience to create an immersive experience.



Idea, Concept and Realisation: Stefan Tiefengraber

Thanks to: Schmiede Hallein, Amt der NÖ Landesregierung Abteilung Kunst und Kultur, Verena Mayrhofer;