Stefan Tiefengraber

02. July 2021 - BEST OFF Linz

06. April 2020 - Tresor Linz

7. Sept. 2019 - Ars Electronica Festival 2019, Salonstage


AG-MX70 DDX3216

2019 - audio/video noise performance


Following the no-input approach, Stefan Tiefengraber is generating sound and video using only the inherent noise from two devices, a digital video mixer and a digital audio mixer. By connecting each mixer’s outputs directly to its own inputs, as well as transforming the video signals to audio signals, and the other way around, these two, formerly widespread but now outdated devices, are brought back to life.

The feedback loops enable the artist to use the built-in effects, equalizer and video transitions to force and push the mixers far beyond their usual operating conditions. Thereby new and unexpected results are achieved - a continuous blast of pure noise and flickering images.

A broad spectrum of frequencies, combined with the video image, is distributed into the concert space, with a strong affect on the bodies of the audience to create an immersive experience.



Idea, Concept and Realisation: Stefan Tiefengraber

Thanks to: Rainer Gamsjäger, Reinhard Reisenzahn, Andreas Jina, Mario Peschina;