Stefan Tiefengraber

12. Nov. - 17. Dec. 2022, ggg Vienna / Austria



11. July - 08. Aug. 2020 at Perspektiven Attersee / Austria



2018 Salzamt, Linz/Austria



2018 - reactive sound and video installation


A 50 inch plasma screen is balancing in the entrance of the exhibition. The visitors can only enter the space by touching the art work and thus activating it.

The sound of the scratching of the monitor on the floor is picked up by a microphone. The audio signal is passed on via an amplifier to a speaker and to the video input of the monitor itself. This results in a direct visualisation of the audio signal with white lines according to the frequency and strength of the audio signal. There is no software for the video and audio processing involved.




Idea, Concept and Realisation: Stefan Tiefengraber

Thanks to: Klangmanifeste, Axis Film, Christel Kiesel de Miranda, Felix Pƶchhacker, Verena Mayrhofer;