Stefan Tiefengraber


ppang / 빵

2017 - kinetic sound-installation


The installation 'ppang / 빵' (Kor. „bread“) is the third installation of the series 'Noise / Light / Seoul' from the artist Stefan Tiefengraber and deals with the topic of Korean street merchants. Those sellers are driving with there small delivery trucks through the narrow streets of the cities and use megaphones to announce their products like vegetables, fish and bread.

The installation consists of ten megaphones that are arranged in a circle. The backside with the microphones pointing inwards to four central located speakers that can rotate 360 degree and delivers sound directly into the megaphones. The played sound is based on recordings the artist made at his stay in Korea and original tapes he collected from street merchants. The combination of the rotation of the 'central speakers' and the characteristic of the megaphones deliver a very directed and distorted sound. Starting with an almost very clear sound the artist works with dynamics to produce an experience of noise and silence for the spectator.




Idea, Concept and Realisation: Stefan Tiefengraber

Thanks to: Sabina Ahn, Michael Tiefengraber, Reinhard Reisenzahn;





photo documentation of street merchants in Seoul / Korea, that got recorded for 'ppang / 빵' in 2016/17.