Stefan Tiefengraber



2018 - kinetic sound installation


‘DSD-08AS’ is an electromechanical sound installation.

24 modules - each consists of two solenoids, a metal rail and a metal ball - are building a self triggering system where the metal ball functions as conductor between the rail and the solenoids. The ball is closing the circuit and electricity is applied to the solenoid that is pushing in the same moment the ball back to the opposite side and thereby is cutting it self from the electric flow. This results in an interplay between the two solenoids and multiple loops with different time delays.

Soon after the beginning by applying electricity to the installation, the resulting rhythm of solenoid bolts hitting metal balls starts shifting and recreates it self over and over again in endless possibilities. There are several factors influencing the sound beside the mechanical inaccuracy of the the solenoids - the friction of the balls on the rails, the characteristic of the wall, the installation is mounted on, the size of the space and the position of the spectator. At the end of a cycle the electricity gets cut and the balls rest in their last position. Leaving the spectator in a silent space where slowly the atmosphere sound fades in.

Like in my previous works I have been experimenting with unconventional ways of producing sound by using devices and tools made for a different purpose. In this installation, these objects become new devices to produce unpredictable results.


‘DSD-08AS – Tehran to…’ is a version of this installation extended with sounds of the four main bus stations in Tehran/Iran.



Idea, Concept and Realisation: Stefan Tiefengraber

Thanks to: Sabina Ahn, Michael Tiefengraber, Kunstuniversität Linz, bb15, Verena Mayrhofer;