Stefan Tiefengraber


Data Distortion Drawing Machine

2012/13 - installation



By using the given parameter of time in horizontal and vertical force this machine removes the color from the paper that is mounted onto the wall. This slow process creates a distorted data visualization.

The drawing machine acts as an analogue visual effect machine that can be compared to the changing of a waveform in music or of analogue video signals. The distortion of the data is happening during a reverse drawing process and is not reproducible.


Idea, Concept and Realisation: Stefan Tiefengraber




Data Distortion Drawings

Electromagnetic Activity Linz

2014 - reverse drawings with drawing machine



These three drawings show a visualization of the electromagnetic activity on different places in Linz / Austria, like at OK Platz, Pöstlingberg, Hauptbahnhof Linz, …

A series of 6 drawings from 6 places.



Thanks to: (Mario de Vega and Victor Mazón Gardoqui) and Michael Tiefengraber





Data Distortion Drawings

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou

2013 - reverse drawings with drawing machine



These three drawings show the air pollution of three Chinese cities recorded by US embassies located there. They have monitoring stations on their roofs and are publishing the results hourly via twitter.

Chinese officials are pointing out that only the Chinese government is authorised to publish that kind of data. However, there are no further actions or a confrontation of the US embassies in this case.

The drawings show the recorded air pollution data from 29.12.2012 to 05.02.2013.






Data Distortion Drawings

CCTV Portraits 1-3

2013 - reverse drawings with drawing machine



These three drawings show an effect that is related to the distortion of reality made by cameras and particularly by CCTV cameras - the picture (video) a camera shows is never objective and is always influenced by a lot of facts (technology, point of view, light, .. )

A camera can never show reality, just pretend to do so.