Stefan Tiefengraber


Before and After

2014/ongoing - photo installation


A series of more then 130 photographs in black and white gets copied until a wall or room is filled with them.

The series of pictures is documenting empty spaces in different cities around the world (Stockholm, Seoul, Linz, Graz, Budapest, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tehran ...). Small shops, coffee stores, hairdressers, .... some just left behind, some in the process of reopening, others will be closed forever. The pictures portray a state of being, becoming and being in between. This raises the question of what the story behind these places is.

The infinite amount of left places is shown and put into the exhibition space which has some sort of connection to the images, as it is a place that was and is used for various kinds of businesses and knows the state of being empty as well.



Idea, Concept and Realisation: Stefan Tiefengraber