Stefan Tiefengraber


Analog Delay

2014 - interactive installation


Visitors are asked to start a chain reaction by pushing a switch.

If the first switch is pushed continually it activates a solenoid, the enclosed moving bolt pushes another switch that again is connected to the next solenoid. This continues over 424 solenoids and 425 switches. At the end of this chain there is a motor siren, which starts moving when the signal reaches its position. This very same chain reaction of switches and solenoids is again required to turn off the siren that generates big noise in this location where silence is generally present.

The delay effect is the result of the mechanical parts used and is added up by the number of components.



Idea, Concept and Realisation: Stefan Tiefengraber

Thanks to: Michael Tiefengraber, O'NewWall Space, 정윤영, Kunstuniversität Linz, Förderverein der Kunstuniversität Linz, ÖH Kunstuniversität Linz;