Stefan Tiefengraber

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2018 - kinetic sound installation


‘DSD-08AS’ is a multichannel electromechanical sound and motion installation. 24 modules - each consists of two solenoids, a metal rail and a metal ball - are building a self triggering system where the metal ball functions as conductor between the rail and the solenoids. The ball is closing the circuit ...

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DSD-08AS - Tehran to...

2018 - kinetic sound installation


‘DSD-08AS – Tehran to...’ is a multichannel electromechanical sound and motion installation combined with sounds from tape recorders. Five modules - each consists of two solenoids, a metal rail, a metal ball and two tape recorders - are building a self triggering system...

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ppang / 빵

2017 - kinetic sound-installation


The installation 'ppang / 빵' (Kor. „bread“) is the third installation of the series 'Noise / Light / Seoul' from the artist Stefan Tiefengraber and deals with the topic of Korean street merchants. Those sellers are driving ...

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rotating lights

2015 - kinetic light installation


'rotating lights' is a kinetic light installation consisting of five, for Korea very typical, fluorescent lamps that are connected to a rotating system.

Starting with a very slow movement ...

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징 noise #1

2015 - sound installation


For this noise installation ten jings (징) are hanged in the exhibition space.

The bolts of solenoids mounted behind the jings are used to hit them and thereby producing the typical sound ...

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2015 - thermal prints


By signing with different letters instead of using his signature the artist collected nine receipts to form the two words ‘ALLES SALZ’ (engl.: everything salt)...

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징 WM_A28 TCM_200DV BK26 BK26

2015/ongoing - audio/video noise performance


징 WM_A28 TCM_200DV BK26 BK26 is a further development and combination of the installation '징 noise #1' and the noise performance 'WM_EX10 WM_A28 TCM_200DV BK26'....

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MRS49 WM-4 KC-300G RM825 [organ]

2015 - 8 channel a/v noise performance


'MRS49 WM-4 KC-300G RM825 [organ]' is a 8 channel audio/video noise performance consisting of eight pairs of CRT monitors and speakers...

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WM_EX10 WM_A28 TCM_200DV


2015 - noise installation


'WM_EX10 WM_A28 TCM_200DV A1.2FPP BK26 [INSTALLATION]' is a 10 channel audio/video noise installation consisting of ten pairs of CRT monitors and speakers.

The sound and video is generated through short circuits the artist produces ...

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Analog Delay

2014 - interactive installation


Visitors are asked to start a chain reaction by pushing a switch.

If the first switch is pushed continually it activates a solenoid, the enclosed moving bolt pushes another switch that again is connected to the next solenoid ...

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WM_EX10 WM_A28 TCM_200DV BK26

2014/15 - ongoing - audio/video noise performance


'WM_EX10 WM_A28 TCM_200DV BK26' is a noise performance where sound and video are generated through short circuits the artist produces with his wet fingers on opened devices...

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Before and After

2014/ongoing - photo installation


A series of more then 100 photographs in black and white gets copied until a wall or room is filled with them.

The series of pictures is documenting empty spaces in different cities around the world ...

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Delivery Graphic

2013/ongoing - generative graphics


Graphics generated by the movement of transportation between two places.

A specially designed and constructed drawing machine, made of ball bearings and a customized pencil holder, is placed in a wooden box. When being transported, the analogue machine captures the movement on paper …

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User Generated Server Destruction

2013 - interactive installation


Visitors of the website can trigger six hammers and drop them onto a server that is located in the exhibition ...

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Data Distortion Drawing Machine

and Drawings

2012/13 - installation / drawings


By using the given parameter of time in horizontal and vertical force this machine removes the color from the paper that is mounted onto the wall. This slow process creates a distorted data visualization ...

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30 May - 9 June 2013

175 Gallery - Seoul/Korea



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